10 Ways to Keep Your Home from Being Burgled

Some of the best methods of home protection simply involve smart thinking and good habits. Follow these fundamental security measures to help protect your home against opportunist burglaries.

1. Leave a light on at night.

Although most burglaries occur during daylight hours, it is always a safe option to discourage nighttime burglars by having a light on in your home. This small light on a timer or even just left on shows them that someone is home and awake.

2. Always lock your doors and windows.

This may seem like an obvious precaution but it is vital, even if you are just stepping next door or are out in the garden.  It is not uncommon for burglars to watch you as they burglarise your home.

3. Don’t leave a spare house key outside.

By leaving a key under a mat, a flowerpot, or in any other obvious "hiding" area outside your home, you are an easy target for burglary. It is much safer to leave your spare set in the possession of someone you trust; like a neighbor or a friend.

4. Get a safe deposit box.

Instead of leaving items such as cash or jewelry in your home where they are subject to being stolen, invest in a secure place to store your valuables.

5. If you go on holiday, don’t make it public.

Don’t announce your upcoming travel plans on social networking sites, or post updates about your travels during your trip. This makes it clear to anyone paying attention that you're away, and your home instantly becomes more attractive to thieves!

6. Triple check your locks.

Make sure all windows and doors are firmly shut and locked when leaving home. Leaving an entry path slightly open is a temptation for a burglar.

7. Fit an Alarm.

Installing a burglar alarm in your property is a proven method for preventing burglaries.  Studies have shown that even a fake surveillance camera dramatically reduces your risk of burglary.

8. Know Your Neighbors.

This one is frequently overlooked. Getting to know your neighbors has a multitude of different benefits in terms of keeping your home secure.

9. Don't leave keys in their locks.

Whether it's windows or doors, don't leave them somewhere visible. If you have a key rack, keep it out of sight of windows and don't leave window keys on window sills.

10. Install lighting.

Exterior lights are off-putting for thieves. Have motion activated lights installed near doors and at the rear of your home.  These are best placed in a high spot to keep them out of reach of tampering.

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By following this simple checklist, you can hopefully avoid the unthinkable.  However, if the worst happens, burglars know what they are looking for and are usually in and out of your house in less than 15 minutes.  For this reason, putting your high value and precious belongings into a safe deposit box is the ultimate in protection.