Should You Store Jewellery in a

Safety Deposit Box?

Valuable Jewellery can last a lifetime, yet to do so it requires the right storage solution. Whilst there are many adequate means of storing your jewellery, a safety-deposit box will provide the utmost security & safety, therefore categorising it as one of the most practical ways to store such valuables.

Safety deposit boxes within confined, specified locations are much more reliable than home safes when it comes to storing valuables like jewellery. They are less susceptible to fire and other damages, and are also less susceptible to theft: as the storage facilities will have state-of-the-art security, which makes accessing these boxes extremely difficult. Cardiff Safe Deposit for example, have developed a fortress for their storage units, with 24hour unparalleled security.

Home safes on the other hand have extreme vulnerabilities. Even though they may seem a good solution because they are convenient, they often are light so could be carried away by burglars; are often quite cheap so can be fairly easy to break open; and even the average fireproof type will only last for around an hour in a fire.

Whilst safety deposit boxes are extremely beneficial there are many important things to consider before you finalize using one as your jewellery storage plan…

- Although maximum security measures are imposed upon the safes there is never a full guarantee that your valuables will be perfectly untouchable by anyone or anything else, as disasters can happen. It is therefore wise to insure your jewellery before storing it as an added precaution. Cardiff Safe Deposit can offer exclusive and bespoke “all risk” safety deposit box insurance policies, alongside the rental of your safety deposit box.

-For such impressive storage people might think it is costly, however at Cardiff Safe Deposit box rents start from just £15 a month, with different size boxes available depending on your needs.

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