Five steps to help protect your home from burglary

Burglary is often a subject we don’t want to talk about, and until it happens to us personally or to someone we know, it’s easy to become complacent and take shortcuts with our home security.

Just recently reports materialised that jewellery thieves struck five times across Swansea within the same week. According to these reports detectives said that the occupants were all out at time of the break-ins, with the intruders searching for cash and jewellery in each property.

The impact of burglary isn’t just financial however; it can also have significant impact on your emotional well-being and sense of security. Knowing that a complete stranger has been inside your home can leave you feeling nervous and unsafe with the fear of it happening again.

With the latest news report fresh in the minds of us all, we have listed below some steps that you can take to make it harder for intruders to access your property and protect your valuables:

Lock up!

It might seem obvious but make sure you shut and lock doors and windows when leaving your property. Also ensure you double lock your door if possible. Many burglars are opportunists and will see an open window and take their chance.

Look for the ‘Secured By Design’ logo

When purchasing any security items, look for products with the Secured by Design police preferred specification logo. Secured By Design is a police backed standard which promotes products which are designed in such a way to make life more difficult for potential burglars. Established in 1989, it supports the principles of ‘designing out crime’ through physical security and processes. ‘Secured by Design’ works with the industry to create high level security standards. The principles of the scheme have been proven to reduce the risk of crime and the fear of crime. Cardiff Safe Deposit was awarded the SBD accreditation because our safe deposit facility passed the standards and tests nominated by the police service. So it’s worth looking out for and will give you that extra peace of mind!

Check ID at the door

Always check ID before allowing visitors into your home. More than likely you will always be expecting anyone coming to your home from a company, however, never be afraid to ask for identification. Tell elderly or more vulnerable relatives and neighbours to ensure they always do this too. If you do have anyone knock at the door asking to discuss your security needs, never disclose any information on your doorstep or let them inside your home. Also genuine ID should have a telephone number on the back to call if you want to check the validity.


Lighting is a proven deterrent against crime. Burglars are less likely to break into a home if it has an external light fitted front and rear.

Consider a safe deposit box for high value items

Putting high value items in a safe deposit box at a facility, such as Cardiff Safe Deposit, will give you that peace of mind if your property is broken into. At a safe deposit facility like ours, we have different sizes of boxes, equipped with physical and digital security features such as being anti-ballistic, fire proof vault, surrounded by multiple security layers, CCTV monitored, protected by seismic sensors as well as by Grade 4 alarm systems. This ensures that our facility is essentially an impenetrable fortress. Our boxes are affordable and come in a range of different sizes with up to £50,000 complimentary Insurance and optional insurance up to £500,000. Find out more about our safe deposit box services here. 

If you decide to opt for a home safe deposit box, do your research! The danger of not having done your research is that you may end up with nothing more than a thin metal box that can be easily stolen and broken into if a burglar were to lay their hands on it. Even with the box bolted to a concrete floor or masonry wall, burglars have access to hydraulic tools, lock pick guns and metal detectors which can easily and quickly free the home safe from the bolts.