What went wrong at Hatton Garden and 9 reasons Cardiff Safe Deposit ensure it doesnt Happen at their facility?

Seventy-two safety deposit boxes were opened in a raid in London’s Hatton Garden during last Easter. How did the thieves do it?

The vault was covered in dust and debris and the floor was strewn with discarded safety deposit boxes and numerous power tools, including an angle grinder, concrete drills and crowbars.  As many as 70 safety deposit boxes with a value estimated at £35million were prized open by a gang of crooks, breaking into the vault after disabling the alarms.

The thieves made off with thousands of pounds worth of jewels after breaking through a wall and abseiling down a lift shaft into the building where the safety deposit boxes are kept.  The gang used heavy-duty industrial metal cutters to get into the vault which would have emitted large amounts of noise.

The vault is housed in a building made up of a number of businesses, with a communal entrance. The safety deposit business is in the basement.  They forced open shutter doors into the basement and bored holes into the vault wall.

If you are nervous about storing your valuables in a safe deposit box because of this.  Then dont be!  At Cardiff Safe Deposit a series of complex state of the art security measures would prevent entry in to the vault area.  Here are 10 reasons why we have much tighter security than Hatton Gardens:

1. We are open 7 days and they were 5 giving them 3 days to work on vault during Easter break

2. No seismic sensors and our facility has seismic sensors

3. The technology was dated as it was a old set up as compared to our purpose built facility

4. We have secure by design for a reason and we are the only ones who have it makes it a major milestone for us

5. We have European certified free standing six sided vaults as compared to a strong wall / strong room created as in the case of hatton garden or any other old safe deposit facility in the country

6. The location was chosen for a reason - city road is always busy which means there are always public eyes on the premises as compared to being in some office block which is deserted over weekends, bank holidays etc. 

7. Any unauthorized access towards the vault will have to overcome multiple layers of physical and digital security including the roof and underground making it impossible for anyone to penetrate them

8. All the digital security and physical defense has been pre approved by the crime prevention services

9. Any alarm activation will alert 6 separate government and private bodies which have been carefully chosen and can be at the premises within 10 minutes.

If that is not enough, we have three police stations all within a mile of our facility!

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