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Jewellery Valuations

​From £15 per Item

Jewellery Valuation Cardiff

CSD arrange to value and appraise all types of jewellery, silver, watches and gemstones; including diamonds, pearls, jade and other gemstones at our central Cardiff location.

Whether you are looking for a valuation for insurance purposes, probate, or for sale, our experts are here to help and advise you.

Having your jewellery documented on a recent valuation will minimize any problems in the event that a claim has to be made for lost or damaged items, helping to ease distress at an already upsetting time.

Our Simple Pricing Structure

We pride ourselves on offering affordable prices using a simple pricing structure.

  • All individual valuations are £15 per item
  • Identical Items are NOT charged extra

If you bring in, for example, 5 identical pieces of bangles, you will only be charged a total of £15.

The Process

Come to our City Road location on one of our open days listed below and bring any jewelley you want valued.

Our highly skilled valuer will carefully examine all your pieces, and using their many years of experience, will give an informed opinion and provide you with a written valuation that you can take away for insurance purposes.

Why Should I get my Jewellery Valued?

Insurance companies insist on valuables being valued by a reputable valuer, however many people do not have their jewellery insured at the correct value. Having an official and correct valuation is vital if you ever need to make a claim with your insurance company.

It is recommended that jewellery and watches are valued every two to three years in order to keep the documentation up to date.

Peace of Mind

We have partnered with Prestige Valuations, a leading jewellery valuation company.  All their valuations are accepted by Chubb, Hiscox, Oak and other leading HNW insurers.

Our relationship with our clients is strictly private and confidential.  

Jewellery valuation Cardiff: 

Strictly By appointment only - first come first serve basis

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Box Rentals From £45

*Minimum term for the complimentary insurance is 1 year and is offered for the first year only.  Insurance does not include wear cover.