There has been a sharp rise in the number of home and business owners using safe deposit facilities in South Wales during the last twelve months, according to reports from Cardiff Safe Deposit (CSD) –the first custom-built safe deposit facility in Wales.

Soon to open its second branch in Swansea, CSD has experienced an influx in enquiries since it opened a year ago from homeowners and local businesses that have lost confidence in the banking system and need trusted safekeeping solutions amidst rising fears of burglary.

“We launched Cardiff Safe Deposit last year very much in response to demand from people in and around the Cardiff area whose banks had withdrawn the service, or from new safe deposit box customerswho feared burglary followingrising crime reports in the area,” explains Amit Mohan, Director of both CSD and Swansea Safe Deposit (SSD).

“While crime overall is actually falling, figures show that housebreakings remain high and thieves are certainly becoming more and more sophisticated in their efforts to target properties – making it vital for individuals and business owners to safeguard their valuables and money.

Typical items stored in a safe deposit box include cash, jewellery, family heirlooms, gold and silver bullion, property title deeds, memory devices, sentimental items, watch collections and passports.

“Complete peace of mind can only be given through the use of a safe deposit box, which is why an increasing number of people across Wales are turning to us to provide a convenient and affordable way to protect their valuable possessions,” he adds.

The brand-new safe deposit box facility in Swansea opens in August and will offer the same unparalleled security standards as the Cardiff branch, providing even more businesses and homeowners with trusted solutions for protecting valuables and documents from threats including theft, fire and water damage.

“We have already witnessed a strong demand for our Swansea-based service with our client footprint stretching as far as Haverfordwest,” says Mr Mohan.  “The new facility will have built-in capacity to meet this increasing demand and we will grow our staff numbers to ensure we provide a comprehensive and personal service to our customers.”

The Swansea-based vault was designed in partnership with security consultants from the South Wales Police force and working on behalf of insurer Lloyd’s of London. It is a result of a joint venture between CSD and Cash@Maxx which is an established trader in Swansea for over four years.

SSD will feature state-of-the-art surveillance technology, including seismic shock sensors, to keep valuables safe. Monitored 24/7, the vault is also protected by biometric identification technology.

To celebrate the opening of the new branch, Swansea Safe Deposit will be announcing details shortly of how members of the public can win one of three prizes including a gold Sovereign, a £100 voucher or a £50 voucher. To be the first to hear how to enter follow the Facebook and Twitter​​ pages 

Swansea Safe Deposit will open in July located at 7 Union Street in Swansea offering safe deposit boxes in various sizes, bullion services and insurance policies for total peace of mind.  Clients have unlimited access and there is no need to make an appointment before visiting the vaults.

At Swansea Safe Deposit you can choose from various box sizes to suit all client requirements. The smaller boxes are ideal for the storage of jewellery, cash, valuable coins and computer back-up discs. The mid-range boxes are designed to keep papers, house deeds and other important documents. The larger boxes are ideal to hold larger amounts of paperwork and artwork which needs to be stored securely.  

For more information about Swansea Safe Deposit and its services call 01792 278787 or fill out an enquiry form at