What kind of things can I store in my

safe-deposit box?


Safe deposit boxes are generally considered to be a very safe place to store your valuables. A safe deposit box is a long, narrow box that is kept in a specially secured facility or bank, making it a much safer option than a home safe that could be stolen and removed from your property, potentially making you and your family a target for thieves. 

For a small fee, you can lease a safe deposit box for a specified period of time, typically a year, meaning that you can keep your valuables safe in a location away from your home that won’t pose a threat to you or your family.

So, what kind of things should you keep in a safe deposit box?


As a general rule of thumb, it’s safe to put documents that you are likely to need immediate access to in a safe-deposit box, as the facility provides easy and quick access to your property, even in an emergency. For example, you could keep your will or house deeds in a safe deposit box. In the event of your death or permanent mental incapacity, your relatives would quickly be able to gain access to this paperwork, instead of having to wait for normal working hours to resume if the documents are lodged with a solicitor. 

You could also keep your passport in a safe deposit box, together with other documents that you won’t need regular access to, such as property deeds, car titles, savings bond certificates etc. You could also keep other items that aren’t needed often, such as birth and marriage certificates in a safe-deposit box. 

Keeping this type of thing in a safe deposit box eliminates the danger that these documents may become lost during house moves, saving you the expense and hassle of obtaining duplicates in the future. By using a safe deposit box to keep these documents secure you can protect yourself from identity theft, should your house be burgled and these items stolen. 

It’s a good idea to keep an inventory of all the items in your home in a safe deposit box. In the event of a fire or natural disaster, your insurance company will need this information to calculate your claim. 

Business documents

A safe-deposit box is also perfect if you have sensitive client documents or data back-up discs that you don't want to risk storing in your business premises.


Jewellery and other valuables

If you own items of valuable jewellery that you rarely wear, a safe-deposit box is a good place to keep them. Collections of coins, rare stamps and small valuable heirlooms can also be kept in a safe-deposit box.

As a safe-deposit box is readily accessible and extremely secure, it's suitable to keep large amounts of cash or foreign currency in one.

Negatives or CDs of valuable photographs can also be kept in a safe-deposit box so that you can reprint them when you want to.

In conclusion

If you are looking for a safe and secure location in which to store your valuables and documents, Cardiff Safe Deposit offers a purpose-built facility with state of the art security, including 24 hour monitoring. 

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