The world of safe deposit boxes… and the secrecy and intrigue that Hollywood would have you believe about them!

For many people, safe deposit boxes seem like a throwback to the days when documents were all in paper form as opposed to being stored in a ‘cloud’, and investments were primarily in physical items, rather than in property or stocks. And now, with many high-street banks ceasing to offer a safe deposit facility, many regard them as a relic of the past.

However, the modern day safe deposit box industry is very much alive and booming. In fact, in Cardiff we have seen a real increase in demand from both businesses and members of the public for safe-guarding their most important and treasured possessions, from contracts and deeds to photographs and other sentimental belongings.

When we tell people about our business you can literally see them imagining a vaulted room lined with floor to ceiling deposit boxes filled with stashes of cash, precious jewels, gold bars and false passports. This of course is largely thanks to Hollywood and the many spy thrillers which feature safe deposit boxes as a backdrop to stories of deception and secrecy.

While not a world away from the truth (our walls are lined with secure boxes protected by layers of the most advanced digital security!) the reasons people use our services differ greatly from one to the next. They do all share one common thing however, to keep something of importance secure and out of danger.

More frequently we are seeing people come to us wanting to protect important documents from being damaged by natural causes such as fire and flood. Another concern for many is increasing incidences of burglary and theft which can cause devastating effects when sentimental items such as family jewellery and other irreplaceable heirlooms are stolen.

At our safe deposit facility we offer various box sizes to suit all client requirements. The smaller boxes are ideal for the storage of jewellery, cash, valuable coins and computer back-up discs. The mid-range boxes are designed to keep papers, house deeds and other important documents. The larger boxes are ideal to hold larger amounts of paperwork and artwork which need to be stored securely.  

We are also the only safe deposit box facility to offer high security private walk-in vaults for the storage of fine art and valuable furniture. In addition we also have a very strong and established background in the bullion and jewellery industry.

So perhaps this has only deepened the sense of mystery surrounding what we do, but at least you can now see that the safe deposit industry is very much alive and in demand, not just to the wealthy, but to anyone wanting to keep their possessions secure with real peace of mind.